About CCG / History

A Strong Past, A Bright Future

CCG has a rich history of professionally representing companies of all sizes—ranging from middle-market companies to Fortune 1000 corporations. In a brief period of time, our company has become an industry leader in the field of business incentives and tax credits.

We achieved this level of success over the past eight years by applying innovation, experience, and tax expertise to each assignment. Our team is comprised of CPAs, attorneys, client service directors, and technology professionals. Our blend of professional backgrounds provides us the ability to deliver custom incentives solutions to each project—resulting in the greatest financial benefit for our clients. We are committed to building on our past success by continuing to invest in our professionals, technology solutions, and client service platform.

Major Achievements and Milestones:

  • 2002: CCG was founded
  • 2004: Became the leading incentives company in California
  • 2005: Developed the first integrated incentives platform
  • 2008: Represented 10% of the Fortune 1000
  • 2009: Expanded incentives platform to cover all 50 states
  • 2010: Integrated with world's largest HR applications