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Leveraging Technology to Capture Incentives

Prior to the use of technology, companies either did not participate in government incentives, only pursued "low hanging fruit", or were not effectively maximizing their financial benefits—leaving money on the table.

Approximately eight years ago, CCG developed a technology-driven solution—incentivepro—to help clients capitalize on government incentives. Programs were broken out into categories including hiring-based incentives, location-based incentives, negotiated incentives, training grants/credits, and specialty incentives (e.g. renewable energy, research and development, international, and cost segregation incentives). 

The incentivepro system is applied to manage each incentives category. The system’s primary function is to maximize financial benefits, improve accuracy, enhance operational efficiencies, and provide visibility into program performance.

CCG's incentivepro technology is designed with an open architecture so it seamlessly integrates with various financial platforms, numerous hiring and HR systems, and standard paper-based processes. With incentivepro, clients are able to benefit by securing all the government incentive programs, with limited-to-no disruption of day-to-day operations.

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