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Profit in the Process

Identifying the most qualified job candidates is essential to building a successful organization. The process of monitoring on-going applicant flow, managing compliance, tracking resumes, and developing an efficient onboarding experience is complex, time consuming, and requires great expertise.

Over the past decade, companies have incorporated more efficient methods to onboard job applicants. These efficiencies have resulted in newly hired employees becoming productive sooner—improving performance and allowing for quicker profitability per employee.

To complement the financial advantages achieved through these efficiencies, CCG has designed a solution to integrate with your current hiring processes—identifying and screening job applicants that can generate thousands of dollars for your company. Understanding the onboarding process is critical since statutory requirements state the screening, to receive the government funds, must take place during the application process.

Regardless of your company's hiring strategy—paper-based, phone-in system or electronic interface—we ensure your company is capitalizing on these government benefits. By integrating our screening into your hiring process, we create a revenue stream for your company.

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