Partners / Associations

Support For Your Association

The primary purpose of most associations is to represent the interests of a particular profession. This typically includes financial and legislative assistance along with legal and administrative support.

The common theme amongst the leaders of associations is the need to add value to their membership base. Most member companies, especially in this economic climate, are evaluating their investments in all non-core business investments such as memberships.

CCG will help you discover the government incentives that are available to you—whether you manage and association or are a member. We can provide association leaders with a report of the various government incentives available to your membership base—at no cost. If your members elect to pursue the government benefits, we have the expertise and resources to assist you in identifying, managing, and securing the financial benefits of each government program.

The plan CCG designed is delivered in three phases.

  • Phase I- Identify the incentives available for a specific industry.
  • Phase II- Identify the incentives available based on a company's locations.
  • Phase III- Secure the government funds/credits for the member companies.

Fee Structure

Our success fee model has been well received by the market. At no cost to you, CCG performs all research services, provides government interface, and manages all compliance and administrative services. If for some reason we are not successful in securing government incentives, you are not required to pay for our fees. We receive only a small percentage of the benefit secured—and a percentage of our fees is tax deductible.

To learn more about our partner program, please contact Mark DaBell at (626) 737-6109.