Partners / CPA & Accounting

Expand Your Offerings

CCG recognizes you are your clients’ most trusted advisor. They turn to you for developing tax strategies, meeting compliance requirements, and business planning. CCG can help you expand the services you offer to valued clients by acting as an extension of your firm.

CCG has built a database of all incentives available across the U.S., and created the infrastructure to manage and administer these specialized incentive programs. The platform created, over the past decade, is comprised of nearly 200 professionals with backgrounds in public accounting, law, human resources, project management and government.

Over 70 CPA firms have depended on us to help clients benefit from the hundreds of government incentive programs available—and we can do the same for you.

Client Communication and Support

In an effort to best support you and your clients—and avoid offering redundant services—we "menu out" our incentive solutions, so you can choose the right combination for your clients. When it comes to contacting clients, we respect your knowledge and relationships. We are happy to have communications go through you, or we can engage in a direct dialogue, providing you with weekly updates.

CCG is proud of the reputation we have built as a valuable team member to the CPA community—delivering excellent financial results and providing world-class customer service.

To learn more about our partner program, please contact Mark DaBell at (626) 737-6109.