Partners / HR Systems

Incentive to Team Up

In the past decade, companies throughout the world have invested billions of dollars to more efficiently manage various HR processes such as onboarding, applicant tracking, payroll, candidate assessment, background checks, training initiatives and many other HR functions.

CCG is fast becoming the premier partner to the HR systems industry. We are at the pulse of the industry as the government continues to place an emphasis on job creation, increases in wages, employee development, and job retention—setting aside nearly $33 billion to achieve these objectives.

As a team, we can collectively provide your clients and prospects with solutions to help them benefit from all these government funds, as well as other forms of incentives. Frequently, the incentives we procure for your client will exceed the investments they make in the services you deliver.

Partnering with CCG is a great way to differentiate your company from competitors. Improving your clients’ bottom line increases your chances to win new business and maintain loyal clients.

To learn more about our partner program, please contact Mark DaBell at (626) 737-6109.