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It Pays to Invest

Commercial real estate brokers complete thousands of sale and lease transactions every year.  A significant portion of this activity is based on representing users and landlords. 

Clients depend on you to negotiate the best financial transactions, but you may not be aware that most tenants and building owners qualify for government incentives. CCG can help you deliver benefits that other brokers are not providing. With our help, your clients will be made aware of government incentives for companies that target specific locales, create jobs, develop their workforce, and make capital investments in their space.


In this challenging commercial real estate market, landlords can truly benefit from the incentives available to them and their tenants. For instance, if a building is located in an Enterprise Zone, Empowerment Zone, or Renewal Community, they should make both existing and potential tenants aware of these financial benefits. Often times it could be the one factor that sways a user to your building or assists a current tenant in meeting their financial obligations to the landlord. Many building owners will also qualify for incentives if they upgrade their mechanical systems, retrofit their building, utilize renewable energy equipment and materials, or target certain tenants. By partnering with CCG, you can help deliver these benefits to landlords in need.

To learn more about our partner program, please contact Mark DaBell at (626) 737-6109.