Solutions / Business Process Outsourcing

No Risk, Big Rewards

CCG has developed a BPO model that—unlike other incentives consulting firms— supports all incentives functions. Hundreds of companies leverage CCG's BPO platform to maximize government incentives and minimize involvement in the process. Our robust and flexible BPO platform provides you with the ability to focus on core-company initiatives such as increasing market share, improving profitability, attracting and retaining a quality workforce, and creating operational efficiencies.

By leveraging this platform, you benefit from improved cash flow, reduction in labor costs, and maximized compliance. The BPO architecture was developed to integrate with all human resource applications, financial systems, and other standard processes.

The business model is based on a no-risk platform because there aren't any licensing fees, implementation costs, operational disruptions, or on-going maintenance expenditures. CCG absorbs all legal, technology, project management, and research expenses.

A success model is applied to each project and you are only required to pay for CCG's services when the government rewards you—no budget needs to be created to implement our BPO services. This eliminates the risk associated with out-of-pocket expenses.