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Based on research performed by a number of well-respected economists, businesses employing 100 or fewer employees will be responsible for creating 68% of the jobs in the U.S. going forward. Over 85% of new hires (net) will be created by this segment of the market.

Because of these unique dynamics, CCG developed a technology that assists small to mid-size businesses with capturing hiring-related tax credits. One of the challenges is that the IRS requires certain forms to be completed by a potential employee either on, or before, the day a job offer is extended—potentially creating a change in certain company processes. CCG’s incentivepro system seamlessly integrates into your company's current hiring processes, helping you benefit from these programs.

As part of Obama's job creation initiatives, the benefit can be as great as $9,000.00 per qualified employee. For many clients, the overall financial benefit of participation ranges from $20,000 to $1 million—depending on the number of hires and the location of the company’s facilities.

Formula: 12 hires X $9,000 = $108,000.00

Once we understand how you hire your employees, we design a simple, non-intrusive solution to screen your job applicants for these lucrative hiring credits.