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Zone In On Incentives

The Enterprise Zone Program offers many incentives to businesses located within the EZ. The most complex is the hiring tax credit. A single qualified employee can generate over $37,000 in state income tax credit over a five-year period.

Some of the other benefits of the California Enterprise Zone program include:

  • The Sales & Use Tax credit, which allows companies to claim an income tax credit equal to the amount of sales & use tax paid qualified asset purchases (generally manufacturing equipment and data-processing equipment).
  • The Business Expense Deduction allows an increased business expense deduction for 40% of qualified costs of purchased property, with certain calendared limitations, when used exclusively in the zone.
  • The Net Interest Deduction allows an income deduction from net interest earned on loans to businesses located solely within a zone.

CCG—recognized nationally as the leading provider of California Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Services, provides a complete Enterprise Zone solution including:

  • A technology-centric approach that maximizes credit generation
  • Retroactive studies to take advantage of refund opportunities
  • Proactive tax planning and consultation from CCGs team of CPAs and Attorneys
  • Full audit support

Due to the California Enterprise Zone tax credit being the most important and complex program in the country, CCG has a team solely dedicated to managing, administering, and monitoring all aspects of this program.