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Negotiate the Best

Incentives are typically categorized into two groups: statutory and discretionary. Federal and state statutory incentives are law and are available to all businesses that meet the program’s requirements. Discretionary incentives are Federal, state, and local incentive programs that can be customized to attract or retain certain industry groups, or lure an out-of-state business to a specific locality.

CCG's negotiated incentives practice group concentrates on advising clients with the management of negotiated incentives—also referred to as discretionary incentives— since how they are rewarded is at the discretion of the Federal, state, and local governments.

As part of our negotiated incentives service offering, the incentives package we negotiate will:

  • Reduce the costs associated with opening a new facility, or the expansion of an existing location
  • Lower overall operating expenses
  • Reduce federal and state tax liability
  • Minimize risk from claw-backs
  • Subsidized job training and recruitment assistance
  • Secure favorable financing
  • Minimize property tax
  • Lower the costs associated with infrastructure
  • Streamline all licensing requirements and procedures
  • Provide assistance in sourcing employees
  • Provide timely receipt of incentive payments
  • Plus we offer a number of other incentives that can be negotiated

The primary objective is to negotiate the best incentives package, and this is accomplished by creating a competitive environment amongst the localities. By introducing CCG as part of the site selection team—early on—you will yield the best results. If a site is announced prior to the negotiation process, approximately 80% of your incentives benefits could be lost due to lack of leverage.